Wednesday, February 4, 2015

There Are No Mistakes in Art

After teaching myself how to anchor a cabochon using bead embroidery, I decided to try my hand at a larger, more free-form piece.

I started this piece with no pattern and no preconceived notion of how I wanted the piece to look. I took out my bead box and started with the first bead that "spoke to me."  That was the round metal bead.  I decided to anchor it with brightly colored orange beads.  At this point I wasn't sure where I was going to go with the piece...the circle could have been a sun, too.  Oh, the possibilities!

One of the things I like most about bead embroidery is the amazing fringe.  I LOVE texture!  So, I decided to add some fringe to the round circle.  After adding the fringe, it was obvious to me that it had to be a head with hair.  From there the piece took on it's own life.  I kept adding just by pulling out a bead that I liked.

After two hours of work. The piece decided it wanted to be a person.

This piece took about 23 hours to complete.  It wasn't laborious.  The stitching was actually kind of therapeutic.  I spent about 2 hours a day on it until the final day when I was snowed in and just had to get it finished.  I truly enjoyed the process.  I enjoyed it so much that I'm working on another piece.  I see a lot of possibilities in this art form.

This was after about six hours of work.

The finished piece.
I titled this piece: "There Are No Mistakes in Art."


  1. I really love this, Cyndi. For just going with the flow, it is absolutely brilliant.

  2. Thanks! I am having a lot of fun with the beads. I went to a bead store yesterday and got all kinds of fun stuff. I can't wait to make more.