Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Earrings to Match

In my last post, I told you about the process I used to create my St. Patrick's Day bead embroidery cuff bracelet...about its therapeutic effects, and how it became a sort of memorial and tribute to my mom.

As I mentioned in that post, and in others, the process itself of making bead embroidered items is so incredibly soothing; I think it is my new favorite medium.

I love my shamrock bracelet, but I felt it needed earrings to match. So, this past Sunday I set out to create a pair of bead embroidered earrings. I stopped tracking the time it took to make them when I hit the three hour mark. It was a day well spent. 

I will have to say, though, that it is a good thing I created them for myself, as they were intended to be post earrings when I started.  After they were completely finished, I decided I did not like the way they sat on my ears.  So, I snipped off the posts and added fish hook wires.

At first my ears were kind of sore from all the messing around I did with the posts, and I was afraid that the earrings would be too heavy.  After giving my ears a few days rest, when I wore them again I realized they were not too heavy at all.  I really like them.

I hope you enjoy my St. Patrick's Day bead embroidered earrings.  Keep an eye out for an upcoming post about my cardboard shamrock book.


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