Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stan Hywet - Ohio Mart - Part II

Stan Hywet Hall, Akron, Ohio

Originally spread over 3,000 acres, this estate currently sits on 70 acres of beautifully maintained grounds.  The 65-room manor house boasts a 2,200 sq. ft. music room and a pool!  The 10,929 sq. foot carriage house today houses a nice little restaurant called Molly's Cafe, which is located in what was originally the stables, and also a gift shop.  Also on the property is the Gate Lodge where Alcoholics Anonymous was founded. Tours of the property are available.

I myself have never been on a tour inside the manor house.  I have seen a couple of manor house rooms as a craft show I attended in the past was in the basement of the home, but that is as far as I have ventured.  I have been inside the carriage house gift shop, and of course, the lovely grounds!

Here are more photos from my visit to Ohio Mart at Stan Hywet Hall.

Back of the Stan Hywet Manor House.

The Birch Tree Allée, Stan Hywet Hall.

Stan Hywet Hall, Akron, OH.  Front of the manor house.

The Birch Tree Allée Vista.

The service court, Stan Hywet Hall, Akron, OH.

Stairs at the west terrace overlook, Stan Hywet Hall, Akron, OH.

If you live in the area, or are making a visit to our area, you should make it a priority to stop at Stan Hywet.   If you can possibly make it during Ohio Mart, I highly suggest making the trip then.  They offer combined tickets that include a self-guided tour of the manor house AND admission to the arts and crafts festival.


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