Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year (part one)

Happy 2015!

Let me apologize for my absence.  I had every intention of making all sorts of wonderful Christmastime posts, but life got in the way.

I mentioned to you in my last post about our insurance. I'm not sure what to blame, whether my husband's new company (actually same company, new owner) or Obamacare, but our insurance in 2014 was AWFUL!  We had a massively high deductible (although not as high as some, I know). Fortunately, our maximum out-of-pocket cap is not much higher than the family deductible.  Once we meet the deductible, we might as well go for broke.  Between follow-ups from an elective surgery I had in 2013, an athlete with tendonitis, and a daughter who made a couple of trips to the emergency room (she is fine now), we reached the deductible in October and the cap in November.

I myself met my personal out-of-pocket cap at the end of October.  I began to brainstorm all of the procedures and tests that I have put off because they weren't "essential."  I started November with a string of appointments that continued through the end of the year. (One of my first "unnecessary" appointments revealed the "bump that shall not be named.") Then in November, the whole family reached the cap and I began scheduling things for my children, too.  Throw Christmas into the mix and December was a total blur!  There was no time for blogging.

Christmas itself was a blur.  I did a lot of the shopping for my dad, or went with him when he shopped; I sent out all of his Christmas cards (with letter!); I did my own Christmas shopping, baking and wrapped presents for 12 people.  I could tell you how many hours were spent wrapping alone, but that would only be whining, and I don't want to do that. While it was a total blur, it was wonderful.  I hope yours was fantastic, too.

In that crazy blur, something had to give, so I never actually got around to finishing my ornament garland (go figure).  However, I did put it up, as it was.

You can find my post on how to make your own ornament garland on-the-cheap here.

Here's to a Wonderful and Prosperous New Year for all!


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