Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Bump That Shall Not be Named

Anyone who is a friend with me on Facebook knows that I love shoes. The higher the heel, the better.  (You might have discerned that from the title of my blog, as well.) Believe it or not when I say that I find high heels actually comfortable to walk and dance in. Well, I DID anyway...that was before The Bump That Shall Not be Named.

It all started when...

A few years ago I was on a mission. The mission was to find a pair of nice mid-calf, brown leather boots that had a little heel and traction. (VERY important in a winter boot.  I don't care how hot the boot is, if I'm afraid I will slip and fall on my butt, I will NOT buy it!) I searched high and low, near and far.  Finally, toward the end of winter, I found THE boots.  They were at Macy's and were about 3x what I wanted to pay for a pair of boots, but they looked great!  So I brought them home.  I soon discovered that I did not have the right kind of pants to wear with my new boots.  All my pants were boot cut or flares and would not tuck in nicely.  So, after having to pay through the nose for the boots, I had to wait until the following winter when I could buy a couple of straight-leg jeans to wear with them.

The next year arrived, I bought straight-leg jeans and donned my fabulous boots!  They were awesome.  However, after wearing them for a few days, I noticed that the top of my foot, near my toes, would hurt.  If I flexed my toes, there was pain. One has to suffer sometimes for fashion, right? So, I kept wearing them.  I wore them all winter until I discovered come early March, that my big toe was sporting a small bump right at the base, on the side of the toe.  The bump was sore after I wore my boots (as was the top of the foot).  I decided that, since the snow was on its way out, I should shelve the boots.  I kept thinking that the bump would go away now that I was no longer wearing the boots.  Nope.  It stayed around.  It didn't bother me, unless I put on one of my closed-top, structured pairs of shoes...whether they were standard shoes, high heels, or stilettos.  It didn't/doesn't bother me when I wear sandals.  Thankfully!  Anyway, I looked online and pretty much determined what the bump was.  However, since the only recourse for Mr. Bump was surgery, I decided not to take ownership of it...hence: The Bump That Shall Not be Named.

Fast forward to now.  Our post-AFA massive insurance deductible and maximum out-of-pocket was met back in October (and it is so large I HOPE it will never again be met!) so I went on a quest to have every medical procedure and diagnosis done now.  One of the things I did was go to the podiatrist.  You see, I forgot to mention that I also have plantar fasciatis. I would have never spent the money to have it addressed by a professional, but since "now is the time" to the podiatrist I went.  And the bump was named. Boo!  He says it is a bunion (I knew that already).  He tried to talk me into orthotics, but I said, "I'm a stiletto girl!"  He laughed, and told me to take Tylenol when I go dancing.

So there you have it.  There is nothing to be done about said bump, unless it gets much worse.  For now, I will be on a quest to find a shoe stretcher, with the bunion pads, for my stilettos.  It also gives me one more reason to want to move to the dessert where I can continue to wear my sandals...all year long.

I know everyone is curious about my shoe collection.  Here are the ones I wear most often:

The yellow ones are a pair that I painted. I took an old, much-loved pair that was chipped and scuffed, and gave it new life.

It's kind of hard to get a real good look at any individual pair.  I'll have to try and remember to take some closeup pics. Maybe I'll feature a pair a week for a while.

Remember, the moral of this story is:  If the shoe HURTS, don't wear it!


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