Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Salmon Dish Anyone Can Make

I love good food.  When my youngest daughter was about eight years-old, she went through a "foodie" phase.  She watched the Food Network and followed all the chefs, even making statements like "Oh, he should never do that with steak," and others.  We enrolled her in cooking school, really.  I had a hard time finding a school that wasn't teaching eight year-olds how to only make peanut butter and jelly, but finally found a great place that taught the kids "real" cooking: Loretta Paganini School of Cooking.  I had high hopes for my young foodie and imagined many years of tasty and delectable main dishes, prepared for me while I ate bon-bons. Well, as kids do, she grew out of that phase.  Now we're lucky to get her to eat anything aside from mac and cheese, and create a dish herself in the kitchen? Nope...unless it is said mac and cheese.

That said, I still love good food. Unfortunately, I am not that great of a chef. I like to think it is just because I do not have much time to cook.  Even on hiatus from my day job, I still have a thousand other things to do.  (Or maybe I find a thousand other things to do so I don't have to cook?)

I used to collect cook books like Mel Gibson collected A Catcher in the Rye books in the movie Conspiracy Theory.  If I was in the grocery store and a new little digest recipe book was at the checkout stand, I was compelled to buy it.  I have a cupboard full of them.  Did I mention that I don't really cook?  LOL.  Thankfully Pinterest came along and has filled that desire to "collect" recipes...much more inexpensively, I might add.

I was on Pinterest pinning recipes the other day and came across Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha Cream Sauce. It came from a site called, "Damn Delicious," and it WAS!!!  It was so easy to make that even I didn't mess it up.  The sriracha cream sauce is amazing; I put it on plain rice later and it was outstanding.  Anyway, this recipe will make even the most humble cook look like a pro.  You should try it.

What did my former foodie think of it?  "It's okay," she said with a shrug.


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